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curency conversion

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Hi sapiens,

at the query level i am trying to do currency conversion.

a cuurency conversion type ctype is created for my project which is

used for currency conversion. when i am generating the query,

i selected the respective keyfigure, right click properties, currency conversion,

i have selected ctype which was created for my project and executed

the query, but currency is not getting converted from source to destination rate.

i have checked for the exchange rate in TCURR, exchange rate is getting

picked from R/3 to BW perfectly, but at query level it is not getting converted.

can someone plz help.



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Answers (2)

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Have you given the target currency there into which you want the currency to be converted.

Also check exchange rate for the to and from currency are maintained in the BW which you are inputting at the run time.

Also check if the currency conversion type which you have created has any time characterictic as its reference and check if that time characteristic has any value in the cube for which you are running the report.

Basically if the Conversion type is dependent upon time and if that time is not present in the records which are selected during run time then the key figure values will not get converted.

Hope it helps


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hi ajeet n krish,

ctype is a currency conversion type that was created exclusively for our project purpose just like M exchange rate. When defining ctype itself the target

curency was made by default to USD.

Currency is pulled into BW, the way we wanted in the query, but at query

level conversion is not happening.

Yes i havent checked with the currency conversion type, which had time char

as reference, may be that is not the right field defined.

thanks for the valuable advise.


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Dear Santhosh,

when ever you are working with Currency Conversion at query level, the conversion type should be based on some date fields, either a created date or posting date of the document to pick the exchange rate in run time, so check whether your query is going to have some dates that is going to pick a exchange rate .