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Cube like aggregation behavior from a flat file data source

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Is the following workflow possible in Xcelsius and if so how would your organize you logic to be able to acheive this? Any examples would greatly be appreciated

My data source is XML, therefore a flat file.

The flat file contains multiple dimensions for which the customer wants to aggregate by based on the selection and also include and "ALL" option for every dimension/selector.

Essentially, the file is structured like this:

ie: Dim1 Dim 2 Dim3 Dim 4 Dim5 Metric1 Metric2

a c e j l 5 5

a c e j m 3 2

a c e j n 4 8

a c e k o 3 4

a c e k n 8 2


We need drop down selectors for Dim1-Dim4 with the "ALL" option. I would have my tables and charts etc use the Dim5, Metric1 and Metric2.

I've used the "Lookup" function to create 1 level of aggregation in a flat file structure with 1 dimension, such as the "Lookup" would call all the Dim1entries and insert into a group of referenced cells and then i would use the "Sum" function from Excel.

But is this possible with multiple dimensions and include the "ALL" option. If so, how? The workflow defined is ideal for a CUBE architecture but for many different political reasons we need to be able to address this with Xcelsius being sourced from a flat file ie XML. Any insight would be greatly appreciated..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I believe that there are currently not any components in Xcelcius capable of working with multi-dimensional data.

It may be possible to perform some behind the scenes summarization to mimic some of the functionality of multidimensional data however I suspect you would need an extremely elaborate excel model to accomplish that task.

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hi there.

if you backend is SAP BW connected via OLAP Universe you could use L0 Dimensions for all aggregation in WebI Layer. (Check the Blog's of Ingo Hilgefort for details)

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