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CSOL - unable to activate locally

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Hi All,

I'm doing a POC on CHARM - retrofit with the help of below wiki

As per wiki , section 1.2. Locally activate CSOL for the managed development system , Unable to activate the CSOL locally for implementation development client 104 as shown below. whereas the CSOL is activate (ON) for maintenance client 101.

I want to enable the CSOL for client 104 so that every objects get locked when they are changed in the retrofit system (implementation system). But I'm unable to do so "Upon- saving" is greyed out.

Please let me know how do I enable it to create a CSOL in 104.

This is a solman system with different clients created.

101 - DEV MNT, 102 QAS - MNT , 100 PRD

104 - DEV IMP,103 - QAS IMP

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