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Crystal Server 2016 migration tool



I recently installed Crystal Server 2016 on a development server and spend quite a long period scheduling a few hundred instances to stress test the server. We are happy with our tests and want to move all the instances, calendars. events, etc to a new production server. In the past I migrated from BOE XI to BI4 and would have used a "Migration Tool" to complete the move, I would like to so the same for Crystal Server, does a "Migration Tool" exist for Crystal Server 2016? I really don't relish the prospect of recreate all the instances, events an calendars etc. on the new server.

Thank you

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Were you able to find any support on this? There are many articles out there on how to migrate between versions but nothing just to do essentially an in-place server to server move of Crystal Server which is what I'm trying to do as well.

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