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Crystal Runtime Java : (CR4ERL25) PDF Font bigger

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Currently when i export a report to PDF using Crystal Runtime Java : (CR4ERL25) which uses Arial font, the font size looks bigger while compared to the PDF generated using Crystal Reports. This is causing many text to overlap/trim.

Is there any way i can standardize the font size? I expect the fontsize to be same as when generated using Crystal Reports

Any Advice?

Thanks And Regards

Susobh Sugathan

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Fixed using below method.

NOTE - If your report has subreports, handle that too

1. Get all TextObjects and FieldObjects
2. Get the FontColor from the TextObject/FieldObject
3. Get the IFont using FontColor.getIFont()
4. get the font size using IFont.getSize()
5. decrease the font size by 0.2
6. set the new font size using IFont.setSize(newFontsize)
7. modify the report object using repClientDoc.getReportDefController().getReportObjectController().modify function to modify the report object

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