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Crystal Reports

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Hi!  People,

I have a good one for you today, It doesn’t make sense to me.

I have a crystal report that reports on all A/R invoices, credit memos, corrections etc.. (but not payments) by branch and date ranage.

It works fine, however there is one business partner were it dosen’t work .. shows no transactions at all, but if I go into SAP B1 business partner all the transactions are there.


Any ideas?


Thanks ,


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Dear Simon3,

did you find the cause already?

There are a few possibilities to anlayse it.

1) Have you checked the query in Crystal Report after executing a preview?
--> In the Menu under database --> show query ...

2) If point 1 shows the relevant data, maybe some suppressing field can cause the issue.

3) If point 1 shows no data, maybe the joins are excluding it in the output directly. It is then a possibility to analyse the query for the faulty field

Hope this helps already.

Kind Regards