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Crystal Reports without BOE

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our customer would like to use Crystal without BOE on top of BW queries.

Does there exist an overview which Crystal versions don't need a BOE?

To my understanding CR2013 doesn't need a BOE. I could save the reports in BW and the user would access the report via BW or the portal.

Is this correct?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Andreas

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Hi Andreas,

Using the BW Publishing Service (part of the BI Platform) you have the ability to deploy the CR Docs into the BW system (instead of the BI system)

I not 100% sure, but you do need to deploy at least some components from the BI Platform to be able to deploy Crystal Reports documents directly into the BW system.

for more details on how you can configure the BW Publishing service and store CR documents directly in the BW system, please check out the following posts:

Kind Regards