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Crystal Reports Viewer Compatibility with Java

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Can someone point me to a definitive compatibility matrix between Crystal Reports versions and Java, specifically, Crystal Reports and Java 1.8.0_2xx. Seems as if it was working on 1.8.0_251, but errors when moved to 1.8.0_291.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The version of Crystal that you're using has been out of support for well over 10 years - since well before Java 1.8.xx was available. I'm surprised it worked with the earlier version of 1.8. You're not going to be able find documentation about what versions of Java it works with because the documentation for the XI (and older) versions of Crystal is no longer available from SAP.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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This would be that oldest still available, 3.1 or CR 2008:

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise / Business Intelligence Platform - SAP Help Portal

For CR 2016 and CR 2020 it's here:

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - SAP Help Portal

Look for the PAM

For the latest supported version of CR and Java 1.8 you can upgrade to CR 2016 (32 bit version) or 2020 ( 64 bit version ) here: