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Crystal Reports: "maximum report processing job limit"


I'm getting the error "maximum report processing job limit" in a Visual Studio .Net MVC web application published in IIS on a Windows server.

Already follow the suggestions in but it still happens.

Also tryed to restart the site every nigth (using task shceduler) but it still happens.

Can't find a solution for this. Can you help me? I'm a "Crystal Reports for Visual Studio" user since a lot of years, and I want to continue being so, but I'm afraid that I will have to change for another reporting tool.

Thanks in advance


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What SP are you using, currently SP 35 is the latest, if you don't have it download it from here:

See my blog on upgrading:

Upgrading a Visual Studio 2008->2022 .NET project with the latest CR .NET SDK packages

Try clearing your cache, Browsers can keep alive the printjob.

CR for VS has always limited users to 3 active printjobs, so something your app is keeping them alive, you need to add debugging or logging steps to see what it's doing.

What OS and version of IIS are you using?

Didn't describe the steps your app is using or any work flow when this happens so it's hard to say what you need to change.

Did it work before, if so what has changed in your environment?

If using another Reporting tool is your only option then good luck on the change.