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Crystal Reports Printing out small in top right-hand corner

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We have a customer who prints 4x6 labels in the UK through a Crystal Reports file I have.

The labels print out fine on my end in the USA to the label printer and/or any copier/letter sized paper, etc. We use the same model label printer as they do.

However the labels print on the top right hand corner really small on the 4x6 labels we are using in the UK.

I tried adjusting the printer preferences to no avail. This only happens in Windows 10 for them as they are still using Windows 7 to print labels due to this problem.

We all have our ERP software installed on Citrix clients. So this problem may be related to Citrix settings.

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Hi Todd,

What version of CR Designer are you using?

Are you also using any CR SDK?

In CR Designer, I don't recall what version now, I had R&D add the ability to show you the Saved Printer and Paper size in the Print Dialog box for the report.

At the same time I had them upgrade the Paper size logic to use the same Custom Paper size rather than the Paper size ENUM defined in the Printer.

So, open your report, Click the File, Print button and then look on the page to see if it shows the saved printer name and paper size used.

If it does then create a custom paper in the Printer, give it a unique name and save the report.

On the Customers PC create the EXACT same custom Paper size and properties as yours.

Send then the new report, also requires you to select the printer and paper size in Page Setup.

If you don't see the printer and paper size in the print dialog box then the issue is with the Printer Paper size dialog box, they are not using the same one you are.

What is likely happening is the paper size you are using has a different ENUM that the user has.

Windows will randomly assign custom paper size ENUM's and can cuse this to happen.


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thank you. No luck so far.

I checked for an updated driver via Windows Device manager and they are running the most up-to-date driver for that label printer. I also compared the settings and driver version with my label printer here in the states and they are using the exact same driver version as me.

They had their Page setup set to landscape instead of portrait so I changed theirs to Portrait.

We ran more test prints and the label printer is still printing labels in the top right hand corner on their printer.


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Make sure that the latest version of the drivers for the printer are installed on the Citrix instance that the UK user works with and that the printer is defined in Printers and Devices for the user.