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Crystal Reports not displaying all data

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We have a simple report pulling from 3 tables on a sql server. For some reason, data from one table does not fully display. The table is called Referral, and we have some clients that have a Referral record tied to them. Out of a report of 20 records, we will have 3-4 that won't display the referral data (even though I can see it in the database), but the other 16 records will. If I go into the database, and change the data on one of the non-displaying referral records and save, it will start displaying. If I then change the data back to the original, it will also display. Being new to Crystal Reports, I don't know if this is a Crystal issue or a problem at the data source, but thought I would put it out here in case someone is familiar with this problem. Our Crystal Reports version is 2011.


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This could be either table join problem in your crystal reports designer or when you are linking the tables it is unable to match the records.

-- Go in Crystal reports designer and refresh the report and go in Database Menu--Show SQL query and copy the SQL and run the same at database end and check.

Also you said you are able to see all records at database end, if you are extracting data through SQL you can very well copy that SQL in crystal reports under 'Add Command' option and create your report.

You will find Add command option under your Database connection while creating a report.