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Crystal Reports For Visual Studio .NET File Error On Some Systems

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I have developed a .NET application and written a Windows Installer setup program (inclusive of the merge module and preinstall of vcredist.exe) that is functioning correctly on certain Windows 7 systems but not others. This does not seem to be related to the installer or the application code.

When running reports the application copies the Crystal Report from a shared folder to a local folder then opens the report on the local machine. When the error occurs on the non-working systems open the Crystal Reports Windows Forms Viewer. The error message reads:

"Not implemented.

Error in File JJ852TEST1_RT_R04_8.5X11(780D658B-E3E7-476C-A373-024FED1778B1D).rpt:

Operation not yet implemented."

This message confuses me as the same file works correctly on four of our systems. Since this is your code's message I'm asking you to help me understand what might be causing this error on certain systems on not on others.

The errors are consistent (not intermittent) on the non-working systems. The functional systems consistently work correctly.

Please help. there's much pressure to get this running.

Thank you,

Rob Templeton

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Merge Module redist requires the VS C++ 2005 Security package be installed. We don't include third party dependencies in Merge Modules.

Try using the MSI redist package as a test.

How you are redistributing the runtime is not clear...


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