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Crystal Reports for Visual Studio and (Wcf) Web Services

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I´m evaluating Crystal reports for Visual Studio 2010. I want to read data from a (Wcf) Webservice into the predefined Reports and deliver them to the Users in an ASP.NET Application. As far as I see reading Webservices via the XML/Webservice datasource works good in the Crystal Reports 2011 Applications - But I have Problems with the Integration of the XML/Webservice datasource in the CRVS2010 Environment.

I read your Article on sdn:

which helped us to enable the XML Datasource in the CRVS2010 environment on a Machine where Crystal Reports 2011 and VS2010 is installed, but this required copying DLL´s and installing the JRE.

But I´m not able to run the XML/Webservices datasource on a webserver in a ASP.NET Application where Crystal Reports 2011 is not installed (only the runtime) - the above post doesn´t help because the path structure is completely different on my machine. Is there a manual, which helps me to enable the XML datasoucre and the CRVS2010 runtime ?

I´m not sure if reading XML is the best practice for a new Project, especially after reading your article at

I´m now evaluating ADO.NET XML as mentioned in your article, but I´m not sure if this is the right decision.

Is there a a new version for Visual Studio 2010 of the example ?

BTW: All examples in the Sample Code for Crystal reports for Visual Studio 2010 reference Assemblies in Version 14, which are not present on my machine. I had to find/replave 14 through 13, before they are compilable. Did I made a mistake during installation ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Henrik,

First of all you didn't make any mistake installing CRVS2010. It has assemblies with version 13.x

Now as far as patches are concerned ensure that you are on SP2. You can get runtime and patch from following:

You can opt for AD.NET as one of the datasource but what is the error/ warning you get when you use Web Serive as datasource?

You can find the latest samples created for CR2008 here

- Saurabh

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