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Crystal Reports Enterprise 2011 > Crystal Server 2011

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I have created a ton of reports in Crystal Reports 2011 (Non-Enterprise). I have now installed and configured or at least try to configure the new Server software and Enterprise Edition of Crystal.

I am opening my local Crystal Files, they open, ask to convert, then a window pops up saying it cant convert.

I get prompted with a new data source connection window where everything is grayed out.

I have 1 SQL Query that I need to use and for the life of me I cannot find where to actually create it.

In examples I have seen and I have used previously in 2008 software I had Universes but either I have something incorrectly configured or its different and I'm lost

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Hi Rsheppick,

CR20011 and CR for Enterprise are fundamentally different. It is probable that these differences are behind the behaviour you are experiencing.

CR2011 is recommended to be used in scenarios where you need to leverage the current functionality that you received with CR2008, although is also has a few new features. Essentially you can migrate CR2008 reports as they are to a CR2011\BI 4.0 environment.

With CR for Enterprise the key difference is in the supported connectivity offered. CR for Ent supports the BI 4.0 universes (UNX), SAP BEx Query Data Access and Analysis Views. It does not support any direct data source connectivity i.e. RDBMS, SAP ERP, or OLAP connections - other than BEx Queries. These connectivities are tentatively targeted for BI 4.1.

So it is not simply a case of converting your CR2011 reports over to CR for Enterprise, you need to bear in mind the supported connectivity type of each reporting tool.

The general advice is that you can choose to use SAP Crystal Reports 2011 or SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise based on the features and connectivity you need and then move to Crystal Reports for Enterprise at your own pace.

Having said that I believe that reports created in the SAP Crystal Reports 2011 Designer should open in the SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise Designer (this is a requirement so that the data connection can be migrated for the Enterprise stack in the future). So if your problem persists and is not covered by the information in this post then it would probably be a good idea to log a support message with SAP.

I hope this is a very helpful answer for you.

Kind regards,


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Yes, I understood the differences between the different suites of software. I guess what confused me was a Crystal Rep telling me to take the ones I created in CR2011 and Import in CR2011E then into CS2011.

I just need my reports, regardless of which they are created in, to be able to be stored in CS2011, scheduled and emailed out.

On a side note I couldn't create any universes in general.

The second problem I have is if i load the reports I have created into CS2011 through CMC, however all of my reports use Dynamic list of values which also crash the repots when I load the reports into CS2011 and run/schedule them to run. If I remove the Dynamic list and go to a static list it works fine.

Also, when saving them, I cannot click "Save As" go to the left side of the window click "Enterprise" and save them in our CS2011 it refuses to connect lol.