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Crystal reports doesn't show up in visual studio 2022.


I went to and downloaded CR for Visual Studio SP31 install package. I installed it by right clicking and selecting Run as Administrator. The title of the installer is SAP Crystal Reports, version for Microsoft Visual Studio Setup so I know I have the correct installer. It completed without any errors.

I opened visual studio and created a new .net 4.7 windows forms application and crystal reports didn't show up in my toolbox. I restarted my computer and reopened that application in visual studio and it still didn't show up in my toolbox. I right clicked the toolbox and selected Choose Items. In that popup there were no entries with Crystal in the name. How can I get Crystal to show up in visual studio 2022.

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i am also facing same issue after installing SP33 in visual studio 2022, is there any resolution for the same

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Hi Brian,

To clarify, you don't need to design the reports in VS and can simply open the reports from any hard drive shared folder or within your app folder structure.

rpt.Load(@"c:\Reports\World Sales.rpt", OpenReportMethod.OpenReportByTempCopy);

Also, if you do find any issues, other than the embedded report designer is missing please let us know so I can let R&D know also.

SP 32 is expect to be out end of March but that date can change depending on how testing goes.


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Is there a stand alone equivalent for the designer that can be used in parallel with VS2022 until SP32 is ready?