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Crystal Reports 2020 Java - Barcode font not embedded in physical print on Zebra printer

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I have built an application with Crystal Reports for Eclipse (Java).
I have an issue with a barcode font embedding: if I do an export of the report, the font is correctly embedded, and viewed in the pdf file.
If I do a physical print on a Zebra printer instead, the field formatted with that font is not printed (all white space).
Is there any setting, relative to the printer, or relative to the runtime options?
The font is correctly installed under C:\Windows\fonts, and I've also tried to install it under the jdk fonts folder (<jdk_root>/jre/lib/fonts), but with no success.
In the previous version of my runtime (CR2008), written in .NET, this feature was working.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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Do a quick test using any other program to print and see if that works on the Zebra printer.

Also, the Font must be a True Type font.

You may need to set CR to use Java UFL also.

Go into Option:


And select JavaUFLs only.

It could be you installed the font under your local account, log into the PC under an Admin account and install the font. Sometimes you need to select For All users, if that option appears.