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Crystal Reports 2011 Installation Issue, key code not valid

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We have just purchased two licenses for the Crystal 2011 upgrade from DigitalRiver. The installation completes successfully, using one of the two "digital rights" keys that were provided in the confirmation email from DigitalRiver.

Upon launching Crystal Reports 2011 for the first time, though, we are being prompted with a License Manager window asking to add a key code for Crystal Reports. We enter the "digital rights" key provided by DigitalRiver, the same one used during the installation [copy and pasted from the email for accuracy] and receive the error message "The key code you just typed is not valid, please try again."

Canceling this window or clicking Ok simply closes the Crystal Reports application.

Any assistance in how to get the application running would be helpful.

Tested Environments:

Windows 7 Professional SP1, 32bit

Visual Studio 2010 w/ CR for Visual Studio 2010 installed

Windows Server 2008 R2, 64bit



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We went through several iterations of installation and finally decided to mix things up to see if we could get a different response from the software. The items that we performed differently were as follows:

1. Ran the setup.exe as administrator [even though we have full admin access as the logged in user]

2. Hand typed the digital rights key rather than cut/paste from the email

3. Performed a custom installation rather than the default and de-selected all of the SAP and other software integration options.

The software ran fine without prompting with the License Manager.

My guess is that it was the removal of the integration pieces that allowed the application to run. We'll perform our next install with just that change and see if it is the culprit.