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Crystal Reports 2008, Crystal Server 2008 & repository

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We are currently using CR Server 2008 to schedule reports that are created in CR 2008. All working fine from that perspective.

One of the finance guys has asked about the repository and saving data in there which can be used with various reports (from what I can tell, he believes that if he updates data in the repository, it will then be transferred to the other reports).

I have tried googling Crystal Server Repository and the only mentions I have seen are references to the Input & Output File Repository. It does not seem to mention the query I have above.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction of what finance may be referring to? I am hoping once I know what it is I will be able to research etc to implement this.


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The Repository can be used to store commonly used report objects like images, Custom Functions, SQL Commands etc.

For eg: if I was to use a repository image in multiple reports and for some reason the image changes in the future, all that needs to be done is update the image in the repository and all the reports using the image would incorporate the change automatically.

It saves you loads of time, so you don't have to update each report for such a small change.

Similarly, if you create loads of formulas I'm sure there would be times when you copy and paste the same formula to other reports. You could, perhaps, re-use the formula logic by creating a custom function which can be saved to the repository. This function can be used in any report provided the users have necessary permissions to use them.

So, I guess, the finance person was asking you to create something that can be saved centrally and re-used.