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Crystal Report XI: Migrate from Oracle to SQL Server

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I have a report using Oracle database

. I wish to migrate all to SQL Server. I am a beginner here. To all gurus, please guide and help me patiently.

What I have tried

I have tried to go to Database expert and created the SQL Serverconnection.

I have also tried Set Datasource Location and try to update

Now how do I change all the Oracle columns to SQL Server columns?

Question 2

If I opt to create a new report with SQL Server connection. How do I refer back to the Command thingy in the oracle database report to identify the relationship of all columns? For example MEMO_NO is related to PO_NO and most of the fields are related to PO_NO. How do I find out these relationships? I tried right clicking next to the Command Column name and choose Browse Data all I get is the following. Please help.

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Since the report is based off of a custom SQL query, your first task is to rewrite the SQL so that it works with SQL Server. Go to the Database Expert > right-click 'Command' > Edit; this should display the current sql.

When you re-write the SQL, try to alias the field names same as the original query's fields to avoid having to manually map each field.

Then go to the Set datasource location > create a connection to the SQL Server database > double-click 'Add Command' and paste the SQL query. If the old sql contains any 'parameters', you'd need to create them in the new one too.

Once the command is added, highlight the 'Command' table in the 'Current data source' > highlight the 'Command' table in the 'Replace with' pane below and click 'Update'.