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Crystal Report XI - Accessing a mySQL DB

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My office just recently purchsed Crystal Report XI and the Crystal Server (hosted via contract). I (a non-IT type) have the pleasure of designing useful reports.

My question do I get the two to talk to eachother. I've inupt the Database IP, Port, Database Name, Userid and login in as many places as I could find with no success....

The contracted company who hosts the server uses mySQL DB and is limited to providing the resource...not support or assistance.

Any guidance offered would be greatly appreciated!!!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Adam,

Wow.. you are in trouble... First CRS is a program that once you have reports created and then published to CRS your users can then run them.

Question is is where is the database you are reporting off of? If it too is hosted on the same PC as CRS then your only option is to ask them how to connect. Likely you'll need a VPN tunnel or some access to get to the reporting database.

Try creating an ODBC DSN to the server if you do have access that way. There is no direct MySQL driver so you'll need a local client installed also.

I suggest you go back to the hosting company and ask them at least how you are supposed to connect since they are hosting your DB also I assume....

For more info on how to use CR and CRS refer to the help files.

Good luck


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Don, Thanks for your reply!

The MySQL database is with the contracted company. They provided the information they feel is necessary and aren't providing much more. We have the Database IP, Port, Database Name, Username and Password. Thank you for your guidance. I'll get my IT department on this and see if they can help

Thanks again!

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The vendor ended up doing a data dump to Access and I'm able to access the data from there. Your response helped greatly in getting me where I needed to go.

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