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crystal report using ODBC not work on crystal enterprise

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I have a crystal report based on CSV file.

The datasource is an ODBC of text driver that connects to folder that contains the csv file.

It works fine on my workstation to run it in Crystal report.

But when I uploaded the report to crystal enterprise 10 on another server, and also setup the same odbc on that server,

the report cannot be run, I got the error message:

Error Message: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. File E:\Program Files\Crystal Decisions\Enterprise 10\Data\procSched\SKYWARD3.reportjobserver\~tmp1174610e0994650.rpt.

What could be the problem?

In the process- database tab, I chose Use original database logon information from the report, and I can see the same data source is in the data source box.

I also change all crystal service running account from local system to a domain account that has access on the csv files that is on the network.


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Please re-post if this is still an issue or purchase a case and have a dedicated support engineer work with you directly:

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When you check that option on does the exact same path to the CSV file exist on the BOE server?

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The csv file is exsiting on a network drive, not locally on the BOE server.

But the ODBC is setup to connect to the csv file using text driver on the BOE computer.


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Did you create the DSN under the User or the System tab? For WEB applications or Local System applications run they require DSN's to be in the System tab for all access.

Try running Process Monitor from and filter on Enterprise Job Server or the W3WP.exe IIS process and see where you are getting an Access Denied error in the logs. It should indicate why the reports can't access the CSV files.

Thank you


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It's a system dsn.

The report is built on my local workstation, I have a ODBC there.

Then after upload the report to CE server, I also created an ODBC on CE server, with exactly DSN name, and it points to exactly the same file on the network.

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