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Crystal Report looking for obsolete DLL

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We started with CR6 and migrated to CR9 (some time ago). At that time we dumped our old u2lxxx.dll and updated it with a new u2lyyy.dll which was compatible with CR9. We tested internally, shipped to customers, and all was well.

What we are now seeing, occassionally, is that after a customer has loaded CR9 and our software and tries to open one of the reports in the CR9 designer, they get a message that 'u2lxxx which implements this function is missing.', Well, yeah, it's supposed to be missing. The u2lyyy has the same public interface as the old dll, but it's compatible with the CR9 CRPE. We kept the old one for existing CR6 customers.

Yes, u2lyyyy.dll is in \program files\common files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\bin like it should be. No, the other DLL is not on the distribution media and not on the PC in question.

If I take a .rpt and look at it with a binary viewer, I am surprised to find references to both dlls in the file.

So, where is the 'missing dill' message coming from, and how do we get it to go away?

Thanks for any help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It could be a registry key that points to wrong dll file. You can try Process Monitor (Microsoft utility from to identify which registry calls the dll.

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