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Crystal report for visual studio

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Hi, Sir,

Crystal Report runtime engine has been installed on our server, and I don't want to do any change on it.

Now I will develop c# application to open crystal report.

but I only found <SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (SP32) installation package for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE (VS 2019 and below)> .

if install it to develop c# application, can the app run on the upper server?

where can I download <SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio installation package>

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SP 32 is the latest and we only support the latest.

SP 5 is no longer available and should not be used, lot's of updates since then, security and current OS's.

You need to upgrade, if you are pushing your app to a Hosting server they need to upgrade or you need to find a site that is willing to upgrade.

Go to the WIKI for more info: