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Crystal Report For Eclipse: POJO problem

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Hi all,

I am using crystal report for eclipse basic version and used POJO-method to implement for users to viewing my report.

I did the following:

I created a sql page (create a target table) and import into crystal report (through crystal report designer under eclipse environment) E.g. let's say I created a table with 10 fields and imported into the crystal report.

Then I drag and drop through crystal report for my report design.

Later if I need to add one more field .....

I need to modified my SQL page and re-import the sql page into my crystal report. HOWEVER, through this re-import process, I lost all the detail/information on the existing report (that mean I need to re-design my report through the designer under eclipse environmet).

My question is: Is there any better way for me to implement my report ???

THANKS .. THANKS a lot as this problem make me use a lot of my time ... THANKS

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Answers (1)

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In the sceario you have described (using a SQLPage as the datasource for the report), unfortunately, this is a limitation of the workflow. If you need to change the SQL, then you essentially need to remove and re-add it to the report which means replacing all the fields on the report.

Instead, I would recommend using a class as the report's datasource. The class would represent the fields that would be used in your POJO object. This way if you need to modify the fields in the POJO, you can simply update the class and use the Verify Database to update the report.