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Crystal 2013 data source connection to BW and ECC

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We are trying to setup a standard named connection for developers to use when writing reports connecting to SAP and BW.  For example, BW Connect and SAP Connect.  Having a standard named connection will then allow an easier migration to production.

I'm relatively new to Crystal and SAP but here's what I understand.  Crystal uses the Saplogin.ini that is located in the C:\Windows directory.  This appears to be independent of the Saplogin.ini for the SAP gui located in the Users\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows directory. 

What I did was to modify (customize) the Saplogin.ini file located in the C:\Windows directory.  I specified a new Server, Description, MSSystem Name etc. for the BW Connect and SAP Connect data sources.  I also needed to make a couple of entries in my Windows Host and Services files for the new data source connections.  This setup worked fine on my system.  The game plan is to be able to deliver this all Crystal Developers. By doing so all developers can use the same named connections.

I then gave my co-worker the C:\Windows\Saplogin file to copy to his system.  He tweaked is Host and Services files and everything worked.  He launched Crystal and was able to use the standard named connections.  He checked his SAP Gui login and everything appeared normal ( The new standard named connection did not show up.  This was expected since we had not modified the Saplogin.ini located in Users\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows directory)

I had a second co-worker do the same and ran into issues.  In Crystal, he did not see the standard connections.  However, he did see the standard name connections in his SAP GUI. 

I'm not quite sure why this happened or what may be going on.  I'm hoping that someone has gone through this process or can shed some light on what I need to do to resolve this.

Thanks for your assistance.


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Hi Keith,

May be the 2nd co-worker do not  have rights to overwrite C:\Windows\Saplogin file.  or mostly at SAP side it could be rights problem. Please check his access rights are similar to your access rights ?  May the SAP Basis team can help you to find out this.



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Hi Sastry,

Thanks so much for your reply.  I think you are on track regarding the access rights.  I made so head way on this yesterday.

Thanks again!