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Crystal 2008 with VS 2005

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Hi all I have the following problem:

there is an existing and still supported solution which has the following prerequisites:

development XP VS 2005 (.NET Windows Forms) with CR XI

There should be an installation on a Windows 7 (64) system.

I tried to install the application and CR-Runtime. The application starts but CR is coming up with an wrong licence or sýstem error.

So I did an update to CR CI R2 Sp6, I also installed the new runtime. I recompiled the solution.

Without success, same error.

So now I updated to CR 2008 (trial version 30 day, because I want to check if this will work), build a new solution, installed the RT, same error.

During the RT install, I was not ask for any licence key (like in CR-versions before). So is it possible to build a solution with a trail version and test the runtime ? (If not the wrong licence message make sense.

I'm really confused. Do I have to buy CR 2008 first to test it?

Thank you for any response.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Werner,

So what is it you want to do? Get CR XI R2 working on that OS or upgrade to CR 2008?

You never mentioned what error you are getting when deploying CR XI R2 to the Windows 7 PC?

CR XI R2 SP6 is supported on Windows 7, no other older version is.

See this link for licensing questions: [SAP Crystal Licensing for Humans|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];

Also, SEARCH, there are lots of answers and things to do to make this work and your issue has likely been answered already.

Typically it's due to missing dependencies like the VS 2005 C++ Security distribution files.

Run Modules or Process Monitor to see what is being used on your DEV PC and then make sure those exist on the Windows 7 PC.

One more note: Compile your app for 32 bit only, CR XI R2 is 32 bit only.


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Hi Done,

thanks for your response. I decide to install CR 2008 (SDK and of course runtime). I will follow your advice and make clear which dll are needed. The informationabout "VS 2005 C++ Security distribution files" was new for me, I will check this.

The given project is a VB.NET project so my focus wasn't on additional VS 2005 c++ files.

For me it it important to know, that the trial-version allows also the testing of an runtime solution.

Normaly there should be no problem because of my experience as developer (Of course this is always relative ) But at the monent I had to jump from different os, platforms etc. so I don't want to mix something.

Every hint, such as this security files is helpful.


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Hi Werner,

Even VB requires C++ dependencies and it is a requirement. The MSI redist package should include it also when you deploy.

Try some of our samples:

Just remove the part where it queries BOE to get the report from the CMS and File Store and simply use the Load method to open your report from the local hard drive.

Thanks again


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