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CRXI _chart displays correctly in Crystal preview, not in viewer VB6 app.

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I hope this is the correct forum

I have a report which includes a bar chart.

This bar chart pulls the data points/labels for the X axis from a field in the database.

I need the Axis labels to have a precision of 3 decimal places. After much trial and error I discovered that setting the over all report options for database fields/numbers sets the decimal places for a chart. There is no other place to set this specifically for the chart.

Is this true?

My chart displays perfectly in Crystal when I preview. with X labels such as 5.501, 5.502, 5.503.

When I call the same report into the Active X viewer in our Visual Basic 6 windows forms application The X axis shows only 2 places, 5.50, 5.50, 5.50, making my chart useless.

Is this a bug?

Is there a setting for the Active X?

desperately need help.

happy to post the report



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1) What is the exact version of Crystal Reports you are using (Help | About)?

2) Have you ever applied any Service Packs for your version of CR?

3) Export the report to Crystal Reports format. Open the exported report in the CR designer. Do you see the correct graph values or do you see the same result as in the VB app?


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Version is CR Developer Full

I have applied service pack 2.

when I click check for updates today I get "you are not connected to the internet or the update servers are not available" I am connected to the internet. I am pretty sure when I checked yesterday that I got a message "no updates are available"

what do you mean by CR Designer? The actual CRXI developer application?

I exported the report from the Crystal as .rpt.

Closed Crystal, double clicked the exported .rpt file, it opened in Crystal.

It displayed just fine with 3 decimal place on my X axis.

I then went into th VB application and commented out all of parameters and database log in.

So that the VB app just called the exported report and displayed it.

Things got even stranger.

I have 2 copies of the chart in the report. I built one then just copied it and placed it below the first on the same page. One shows a Y axis as percentage of Count, the other as just Count. As far as I knew there was no other difference. The Y axis percentage one showed 2 decimal places on X. The Count 3 places on X.

to be completely sure they were the same I deleted the percentage of count chart and copied the plain count chart. I then just went to the Chat exert and set it to percentage of count. No other change. I exported then called the report from my VB app. Both showed 3 decimal places on X.

We are not done!!!

So I now went back to Crystal and in the chart expert Axes tab unchecked Autorange and set the Y axis to show 0 to 100. Exported again. Called it in my VB app, it now shows 2 decimals on the X axis. You can change it back to Autorange and export and the problem persists!!!!!!!!

Delete the chart, copy and paste the Count chart, change to percent, leave Autorange set, export it shows 3 X places again!!!

All interesting. Meanwhile when the report is allowed to actually call fresh data from within the VB app it displays only 2 X places on both charts.

It always shows 3 places on both charts in crystal.

Talk about buggy software!!


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I'd recommend moving on to CR XI r2 with the latest Service Pack.

You can download CR XI r2 from here:

Uninstall CR XI r1 which is what you are using now, the install CR XI r2. Use the same keycode as you used for CR XI r1. The latest SP for CR XI r2 is here:

In your app, update the references and the viewer. See if that helps.

As an FYI.; The Report Designer Component (RDC) has been retired in the currently shipping version of Crystal Reports (CR 2008). Patch support for CR XI r1 expired on 24-Mar-08 and will expire for CR XI r2 on 9-Jun-09.

BTW., when we say "CR designer" we refer to the app you design reports in (crw32.exe)...

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