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Crosstab > Report Like excel format

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HI all,

i'm working on Crystal Reports 2008.

My report has the following columns




Col2 so on col8

i need to design the report which should be look like a excel sheet format (Matrix).

I did the following things to achieve the task:

Used crosstab control with the following information:

Range column in rows

Name column in columns

and col1 through col8 as summery fields.

Checked Show Lables property in customize style tab.

formatted innercells (summery fields) with border bottom single.

formatted labels with border bottom single.

with this i got the most of the desired format. but one problem i'm facing is, the labels are getting shrink and not appearing on same line corresponding to the data.

I have uploaded the report for your referrence at the below link


Can you please check the report once and provide me a work around for this problem?

Thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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Hi Usama,

Thanks for your comments.

i can email the PDF file of the report sample to your personal email ID if you are interested.

i tried all those settings but no success.

i observed this problem with more than one report which uses a crosstab control.

Steps to re-produce this problem:

Insert crosstab control into a report
   Configure the crosstab control with data.
   Check show lables option
   Format field (any column which is selected in summery tab)
       border > bottom > single

The more columns you have in summery tab, the more space it is generatig for the labels.

Some one, please comment on this problem?



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Hello Vinesh,

Okay. I tried downloading the report, but the link is forbidden in my office.

I think you should try like this

1. click on the lable in the preview mode. Format it You will see size and position, font and other details which will help you in getting that format.

2. try to adjust the sections and use guidelines in the ruler.

3. It will also be a space problem try to minize size of other objects.