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cross table to 2 or more lines

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I want to know how to put a crosstable to 2 or more lines in crystal report.

The need arises because I have too many columns for print on A4 sheet.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If Crosstab is too wide for page you can group column data and then in main report repeat same group and place cross tab in group header. Crosstab will then repeat in each group header.

Set your group so that columns stay within page.

THis group can be a formula which manually groups data into required number of columns. for example if you have 26 columns all beginning with First letter of Alphabet. You could do something like

If {yourfield) startswith ["A", "B", .......] then "Grp1" else

If {yourfield) startswith ["K", "L", .......] then "Grp2" else



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