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Cross Tab report specific number of columns only display

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I am new to work on cross tab reports.

i am generating crystal reports from the stored procedure,

In the below results, i need Only 3 Columns(A00000450,A00000451,A00000452)

Please help me. how to get..

X <10<10 <10
Y ❤️3344
X 34455
ABC 12344
dsf11 11
dfg12 12
ff13 13
VI21914 14
dfg15 15
dfg16 16
gdfgdf17 17
dfg18 18
dgh99 99

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sankar,

Try this please:

1) Create a formula with this code:

IF {Database_field} IN ['A00000450','A00000451','A00000452'] then


2) Create another formula for the 'Summarized Field' as:

IF {Database_field} IN ['A00000450','A00000451','A00000452'] then


3) Replace the existing field under the crosstab's column with the first formula above

4) Replace the existing field under the 'Summarized Field' with the second formula above

5) Go to the Crosstab Expert > Customize Style tab > Check the option 'Suppress Empty Columns'


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Thanks Abhilash..

It's working perfectly..  The thing is that ['A00000450','A00000451','A00000452']  Not a constant data. it's always change.

I need to display first 3 distinct columns.

Please help me..


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