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Cross system object lock (CSOL) works not with derived roles

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We are using SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP11. We are having also an ECC system. We are going to upgrade this system in a month to SAP_BASIS SAPKB73113. We have activated CSOL. This works fine for us.But with this upgrade also CSOL becomes active voor PFCG roles.

On the ECC we are using many derived roles. We have around 350 parent roles and more than 15.000 child roles. Now each time when a child role is included in the transport both parent and child roles are put in the CSOL Lock Monitor. This is done automatically when you put a child role in the transport request.

But many times (each day) the child roles are included in different Transport requests. This means also the parent roles are included in the transport request each day. The child roles are unique, but the parent roles not.  Most times the parent roles are the same are not changed. This means you get a CSOL lock. But only the child role is changed and not the parent roles. So this not good and we get unnecessary CSOL locks.

For example we have the following transport 1:

Child Role                                            Parent Role




So we see the three child roles and also the parent roles in the lock monitor.

Now we have Transport 2:

Child Role                                             Parent Role




But now we get the CSOL Lock on the following roles:





We see also a lock comes on the parent roles. But these roles are not changed. So it is only necessary to put a lock on the child roles.

This is not workable for us and our developers. But for all other changes in the ECC the CSOL must be activated and works fine.

Question: How can we use CSOL in combination with derived roles?

Does anyone have a soltution for this case?

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I recently moved to SP12 and wanted to apply this CSOL on PFCG roles. We still to implement some notes following the KBA 1901007 - Does CSOL support locking for transaction PFCG? - Solution Manager

... so I do not have any answer.

I think you could write an OSS note.

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Hello Louis,

Thanks for your answer.

We are using SP11 of Solution Manager. Next month the ECC system is upgraded. So the mentioned notes in KBA 1901007 are than automatically available in our SAP systems. We foresee problems with CSOL, because we use derived roles.

I’m looking for SAP users who have the same problem and how these users solve this problem.

I have already created a SAP incident. But I do not have an reaction on this case.