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Cross Derivation when two type 1 entities and 1 type 4 entity is involved

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Hello Everyone,

i have on query regarding cross derivation.


MM data mode

>Material entity (type 1)

>DRADBASIC(type 1)

>custom_ent(type 4)

now i have made a relationship from material to custom_ent (leading :cardinalty: 1:N)

there is already quallifying relationship between custom_ent and type 3(XXX)

now my req is , if i chanee something in DRADBASIC (upload a document example)

i want to derive data based on Document uploaded in DRADBASIC into Custom_ent.

But i get error :Material is not in process.

I tried to debug and found that after writting into Buffer , MDG fwk check if data is consistent or not.

In my case:

if changing DRADBASIC ,and want to update custom_ent , but it fails because, FWK check parent of entity for custom_ent. for my case , its MATERIAL .

but my current change entity is DRADBASIC , so it fails

Any idea on derving data in such case ?

If i change the relationship like

DRADBASIC-> cust_ent

then i can not delete the data from cust_ent . Its tell DRADBASIC is not locked

Thanks in advance

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will make my above query simple

can i derive data of type 4 Entity whose parent is Entity type 1(MATERIAL) based on change of another type 1 entity(DRADBASIC)

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that's not possiblein the USMD Rule Service BAdI. There, cross entity derivation works only for entities that are children of a single (parent) SUT 1 entity type. You cannot derive across multiple entities with SUT 1. The access class might be able to handle this differently.

Best regards


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Hello Michael,

Thanks for the update.



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@michael_theis can you please point us to some reference implementation of the access class ?