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CRm table list

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Does someone have a schematic data model of CRM 4.0, or a list of the most important tables in the application?

Any white paper on working with BW with CRM data will be much appreciated as well.



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Answers (2)

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hi Xibi,

if your consideration is to get the tables that datasources extract, you may use, 'search documentation', option 'netweaver', type in datasource name.

e.g datasource 0crm_sales_order_i, you will get this

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BUT000 - Business Partners

CRMD_ORDERADM_H - Business Transaction Header

CRMD_CUSTOMER_H - Business Transaction Header Extensions

CRMD_CUTOMER_I - Business Transcation Item Extensions

COMM_PRODUCT - Product Header Table

Tables starting with BUT are generally business partner specific.

This may also useful, bw best practice, see CRM parts

Hope it helps.