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CRM Source System

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Hi all,

I need to extract data from a CRM 5.0 to a BW 3.5 system. I got a Source System active but as I couldn't get any data going through, I deleted the Source System and tried to recreate it again using the following steps:

1) Create a logical system for CRM

1.1) Assign system to client

2) Create a logical system for BW

2.1) Assign system to client

3) Transfered application component hierarchy (RSA9)

4) Managed metadata version in BWA (bwa5)

5) Activated icf Services (SICF)

6) Also went through SBDM to take a look in the BDoc Modeler but didn't do anything there since I didin't konw what I was doing.

7) Source System-> Create (rsa1)

Funny thing... it replicates datasources but does not activate the source system.

Once, when creating a r/3 source system, I had automatic creation of:

- Idoc partner profiles

- Idoc port definitions

- Idoc types

- Idoc segments

This time, when I tried to activate the Souce system I got a message saing that the Idoc type "to be used" does not exist.

Shouldn't that Idoc type to be created automaticaly (or it is different when it comes to CRM)? What could be wrong?

Thanks a lot,


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try the following document which explains about connectivity


Harikrishna N

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Hi Harikrishna N,

I had already applied this doc (thanks).

Talking to friends, I heard this error usually happen in the first time the System is trying to create an IDOC. He recomended me to find the description "BWINST" using transaction WE31, copy this IDOC Type to the name of the Idoc type reported as missing in the error message.

To do so, I need a development key. That's the point where I stoped. Next Monday I'll try to get a development key to finish this procedure to see if it fix the problem.

Thank you for the help anyway.