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CRM Designer Error

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I'd like to use the CRM-Designer in BAB. But it terminates with the following Error: "Error parsing and reading XML file."

the urls for des.start-service and blueprint-service are set

sap crm 4 patch level 7

latest crm designer (build 34)

the cld file contains 3 urls, one is returning a xml-file

Any Ideas?


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Answers (5)

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Thank you very much for your help. Really i only applied this note for one service not for two. Sorry.

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Javier, if the note doesn't work for all occasions we can download the file, change it, and re-upload it again. Let me know whether you need more info. Tiest.

By the way, assign the points wher they are due...

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Hi Javier/ Others,

Please apply SAP OSS Note # 583415 which is as under and problem would be solved.

...............SAP OSS Note # 583415

Create the valid SICF entries or activate them if they already exist, but have not been activated. A deactivation and reactivation may also help.

To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Call transaction SICF in the CRM server.

2. Choose 'default_host -> sap -> bc -> bsp -> sap'.

3. Double-click BSP CRM_BSP_BAB_DSS and maintain the logon data (client, user, password, language). Generally, the data of a system user that was specifically created is entered here.

4. Save the data and exit the dialog.

5. Activate the service (right mouse button -> 'Activate Service').

Repeat steps 1 - 5 for BSP CRM_BSP_BAB_DIS.



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I also have the same CRM Designer parsing error. I've tried to deactivate/reactivate the web services in SICF transaction but the error persists.

¿What services have to reactivated? All of the system?

I've tried with CRM_BSP_BAB_DIS and CRM_BSP_BAB_DSS

Could you help me?


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I get the same error message when trying to open a file from the BAB.

I checked my version of the CRM system and is release 400 Level 007 System. So normally it should work with CRM designer build 34.

Can somebody give some advice ?

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I had the same problem. After deactivating and reactivating the services with transaction SICF it works.



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Hello Karl,

we are also implementing CRM 4.0. We where told by our consultants not to use the CRM-Designer. Use Transactions: CRMC_PCUITOOLS to analyze the Application and CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C to customize it. This will really work.