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Credentials to use adobe interactive form

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I see an OSS note that talks about creating a OSS ticket to SAP requesting them for credentials to use an adobe interactive form.

We are on ECC 5.0 ( WAS 640 ) and intend to generate an adobe interactive form using a combination of adobe livecycle designer ( T.code SFP ) and an ABAP application program that sets the generated pdf property to fillable = 'X'

Question is - is there any extra licensing code required to get this credentials to SAP.

Please reply.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Karthik,

Please refer to the below note for your reference on Interactive form licensing:

eason and Prerequisites

The interactive use of PDF forms may be subject to license under certain circumstances.


Using the tools and using print forms (not interactive) is part of the license of the relevant SAP solution (including NetWeaver).

If the following three criteria apply to you, you must purchase an additional license from SAP for your SAP Interactive Forms:

  • You create templates for interactive forms.

  • You create your own customer-specific interactive form templates or change an interactive form template delivered by SAP by adding further interactive fields or changing the data binding of existing interactive fields to the back-end.

(Such modifications exceed cosmetic changes in form templates delivered by SAP such as adding your own logo or static texts, and are therefore subject to license.)

  • You use interactive forms in a productive system, that is, end users fill in generated PDF forms during business operations.

Note that the additional license also affects interactive forms used by SAP partners (independent software vendors - ISV), who deliver these forms as part of their products developed on the SAP NetWeaver platform.

Current information about licensing is also available on SAP Service Marketplace at --> FAQs.

The license for SAP Interactive Forms is an official SAP license. For further details, consult your contact person in your local SAP sales office.



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Hi Karthik,

If you use the form builder (transaction SFP) to create your own fillable PDF forms you must license them as soon as you use them on a prodction system.

You do not need to license them while your are developing and testing.

The note Arafat posted provides some more details on the case if you modify a PDF form that is shipping from SAP.



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We only want to fill the Form with ABAP-Code. Not interactive handling from the user is required.

For this generated form we don't need a extra license. Is this right?

If yes, where can I then download the newest version of Adobe Life Cycle Designer?



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