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Creation of Track in CMS

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Hi community,

I'm working on J2EE server with JDI installed.

We use JDI for Syncronized DTR activities from Track for developement WD Application in Business Package ESS 100 sp 6.0.

On this Server has been update a SP 9 for ESS and SP 13 for Netweaver Patch.

So, I would create a new for ESS 100 Sp 9 because nowadays exist one track for ESS 100 Sp 9.

This operation...required:

1) Reimport of CIM in SLD??

2) Creation of new Product and Sofware Catalog??

3) Creation of new Track in CMS therefore re-checkin of .Sca??

Thanks in advanx...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Antonello,

For Reimport of CIM, goto URL http://<J2EEServer>:<Port>/sld

Goto Administrator -> Check if SLD is up and running.

Under Content, click on Import. Click on Import Content from Server.

For Creation of Track for ESS, Check this note:

872892 JDI Cookbook for ESS

It contains all the information you need to configure the JDI for ESS.



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the following procedure is clearly,

but I ask to you:

Is requirement in SP Upgrade reimport of CIM?

Thanks in advanx.


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Hi Antonello

That depends on if the SAP delivered product configuration has changed in SP13. If additional software components have been defined then you will need a CIM reimport, otherwise no.



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