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Creation of DataSource for FlatFile Interface in BI 7

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Hi Y'all!

Can anyone please give me urgent assistance in creating/defining a DataSource for the FlatFile Scenario in BI 7.0. I've been trying to no avail. I certain I am doing this incorrectly, as such I seek your assistance. Can anyone please be so kind as to give me a step-by-step walkthrough of the specific individual steps (in sequence) in creating/defining DataSources... Also can this be accepted as a character (08-MAY-07)?

Much thanks!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The following step can help you..

1. create a info source and assign the data source -

2. select data source as PC File ( give any name tech & desc)

3. create a info source structure by include all individual info objects / har. keyfig

those are available in your file

4. you can always take the reference of the info objects from the cube/ODS as to

make info source staructure easy

5. map the corresponding info objects in the trasfer structure

6. save and activate the info source

7. go to your info provider cube/ODS and right click - select - create update rules

select the name of the file data source name as given above

8. map them as defult one-to-one mapping until other wise you have some require

ment in data manipulation through update rules.

9. save and activate.

10. come to the info source - create a info package - select source as .CSV file

and preview it before you actually load.

11. as far as date is concern in your falt the entire column of the date

then goto-format column-select 'customize' then put format as 000000 (six

zeros ) for 0calmonth.

12. when you lookat the date at infoprovider it shows like 20070508 but

when you execute in a query it displays its text as 08-May-2007

I hope it would help you to understand and get your purpose solve.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Philips,

here you can find some information about datasources in 7.0:

If you want to store that value as character you just need to assign it to a character field. If you want to store it as a data, you need to convert it to the internal format YYYYMMDD. There are some standard fm available to do this.

kind regards