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Creating Token and passing parmaters to openDocument.jsp

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Hi All,

I'm using the following code to call the openDocument.jsp to open the crystal report.

But after approx. 20 mins users are getting error: An error has occured. An argument has an invalid value 0.

Logs: com.businessobjects.crystalreports.reportsourcebridge.RSBridgeCMSLogonException: Not a valid logon token. (FWB 00003)

Please advise if the below method is correct createWCAToken and also advise if I need to call releaseToken.

Extract from the code:

<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"%>
<%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.exception.SDKException" %>
<%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.framework.CrystalEnterprise" %>
<%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.framework.IEnterpriseSession" %>
<%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.framework.ISessionMgr" %>
<%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.infostore.*"%>
<%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.managedreports.*" %>
<%@ page import="" %>
ISessionMgr sessionMgr = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr();
IEnterpriseSession es = null;

es = sessionMgr.logon(logonid, logonpass, "bobiserver", "secEnterprise");

ceToken = es.getLogonTokenMgr().createWCAToken("", 100, 100);
URLQueryString = "../BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sDocName=" + sDocName + "&sOutputFormat=" + sOutputFormat + paramstr + "&token=" + ceToken;




Platform: BO4.0 SP2

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Hi Ajay,

As per the error message "Not a valid logon token. (FWB 00003)", the token you have provided to users is invalid and cannot be reused to validate subsequent calls to BO server.

In the jsp code, you are creating a token which is valid for 100 minutes and 100 logon attempts.

As the users are getting FWB00003 after 20 minutes, the only acceptable scenario is that the token is used for 100 logon attempts and once it reaches the threshold value (100), the token become invalid.

You can increase the number of logon attempts for which the token will be valid as:

ceToken = es.getLogonTokenMgr().createWCAToken("", 100, 500);

Try to implement the above line of code in your jsp and observe the behavior. In case the users are not getting the FWB00003 error within 20 minutes, the issue is with the arguments passed to createWCAToken() method.

You can specify the numbers as per your business requirement.


Anchal Verma