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Creating Support Messages from Satellite System without SolMan user account

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We are having some problems with users "creating support message" from our ECC system to SolMan, if the user does not have a user account in Solution Manager.

It is not correct, that users from Satellite systems can create support messages from these systems, without the user having an account in Solution Manager? And that the user is identified by the business partner for the user, that must exist in the Solution Manager system ?

We have set up the RFC for the supportmessages between SolMan and the ECC system as trusted RFC, with the "Current user" as the user, but how should this be set up, if the user does not have an account in the Solution Manager system. If we enter a user with the right authorizations in the RFC, will the messages that come through not just appear as created by that user, instead of the ECC user and corresponding business partner ?



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Hi Lars,

yes, it should be correct that a user of the satellite system need not to have an own user in SolMan - though it is very helpful for further message processing.

For the initial creation of the message there is no user existance check if you go for transaction DNO_CUST04 in SolMan and set for NO_USER_CHECK the value "X". If NO_USER_CHECK does not exist, create this value. SAP describes this in note #592952.

For the communication between satellite system and SolMan the destination maintained in BCOS_CUST is used (normally the SM_*_BACK destination). Therefore the trusted-trusting-destination plays no role in the transfer of message data from satellite system to SolMan.

Hope it helps,


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you can use the use the user for the RFC-Connection in that case. I have customizied a similar scenario. In my scenario the System from which the message was created, is the business partner (SOLD-TO-PARTY). For that you have to create a communication user (i.e SOLMAN<SYSID>). In TA SM59 in the satellite-system you assign this user for the connection. (Don't forget to assign the user to the role "SAP_SV_FDB_NOTIF_BC_ADMIN"). Now, it schould be possible to create messages from the satellite system to the solution manager. Additionally you should create business-partner for each user of the satellite system, by using TA DSWP>EDIT>CREATE BUSINESS PARTNER.

With this TA, it is easy to create BP for each satellite system.

Best regards


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Hi Lars,

I'm sorry but I don't know the answer for your issue, but i have just created a Post in order to figure out the way for creating Support Messages from a satellite system to the Sol Man. Could you please explain this for me in my post? or send me an email to It will be really much appreciated, and i can give u reward points if u want.

Thanks in advance.


Jose Sorli.