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Creating Role

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While creating new role in my system i am getting the error message as


plz,send me the solution.

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Answers (2)

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Manually create the missing interval.

You can use error message CD 121 to enable you to identify the error more accurately. Depending on the additional information, the status is as follows:

OBJECT_MISSING : The entire AENDBELEG number range object is missing and must be created.

INTERVAL_MISSING: Number range interval 01 is missing and must be created.

INTERVAL_NOT_INTERNAL: The definition of number range interval 01 is incorrectly set to 'external number assignment'. Delete the 'external' selection in the interval definition.

Check the definition of the AENDBELEG number range object in transaction SNRO:

Object name: AENDBELEG

Short text: Change documents

Long text: Number Ranges for Change Documents

To-year flag: Do not select

Number length domain: CHAR10

No interval rolling: Do not select

Number range transaction: SCDN

Warning %: 10.0

Main memory buffering:

No. of numbers in buffer: 10

You must define the following interval:

Interval No. 01

from 0000000001

to 9999999999

internal number assignment

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follow Note 659573 - Number range object/interval AENDBELEG is missing