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Creating new Syncbo in MAM25

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Hi, So far this is what I have done.

<b>1</b>. Generate new meRepMeta.xml file with the following additional SyncBO tag.


<SyncBO id="ZMAM25_N01" version="1" type="upload" allowCreate="true" allowModify="false" allowDelete="false">


<b>2</b>. Created the following files

MamN01, MamN01Item010, MamN01manager in and

MamN01Impl, MamN01Item010Impl, MamN01managerImpl in

<b>3</b>.In file, added ZMAM25_N01=ZMAM25_N01

<b>4</b>.In mapping.xml, added the following

<SyncBO id="ZMAM25_N01" name="MamN01" package="">

<Item id="010" name="MamN01Item010" /></SyncBO>

<b>Tested</b> with the following code

MamN01Manager mng = (MamN01Manager)naming.lookup (MamN01Manager.class.getName());

-First problem was line 112

where s1 = java.lang.System.getProperty(s) returned null.

I placed "" in s1 via debugger and that was resolved.

But it still doesnt work because in MamN01ManagerImp SYNC_BO_DESC=DESC_FACADE.getSyncBoDescriptor(SYNC_BO_NAME) returns null.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (1)

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Something have I missed, what do you have in mind with "new Syncbo in MAM25"?

Do you want to upgrade the MAM application with additional functionality? Also I have heard only about MAM v2.0, not for MAM 2.5. Don't you mix MAM with MI 2.5?



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Yes we're trying to add additional functionality to MAM25.

I believe the procedure for creating additional syncbo is the same for both versions of MAM


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Hello Ezatullah Yaqub,

Do you have already a solution for your problem, because I ran in the same problem.


Patrick Willems

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No actually we ended up using the custom fields ( item 10-50) on the existing SyncBo's to pass the custom data.

If you ever work it out, please let me know for future reference.


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Just in case anyone else has this problem.

You need to add your new SyncBo interface and implementation mapping to the zcore.configure file in your application.