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Creating Layout Sets?

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I want to display a list of links in an iView. They should be maintainable by a few people and just displayed to everyone else.

After reading the documentation I used the cm.navigation iView and Layout Sets to govern how the data is displayed.

I have tried applying different Layout Sets via the Settings->Presentation option on the 'Links' folder, but none of these options really gives me the look I require (ExplorerLinkList is closest but not ideal).

Is there a way I can modify (or copy and modify) this Layout Set?

If so is this done in config or does it require some coding?

I have read documentation which points to Content Management -> User Interface -> Settings -> Layout Profile as a starting point for this, but I don't have User Interface as an option under Content Management? (I am using EP 6 SP 2).

Many Thanks,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi KR,

first, you have "User Interface" also in EP6 SP2, the full path is: System Administration (this role you need) -- System Configuration -- Knowledge Management -- Configuration -- Content Management -- [... now down the path you have given by yourself]

Second, maybe it's possible to modify things by configuration; this depends on what you want to modify.

If you want to play around with LayoutSets, you can duplicate a LayoutSet near to your wishes (e.g. LinkListExplorer) or "deep copy" it (Advanced Copy). The latter means that also all objects referenced within the LayoutSet get copied (down the reference tree). Take care, we have encountered some strange problems with this advanced copy.

If the configuration doesn't fit your needs, you could implement your own CollectionRenderer or ResourceRenderer, depending on what you want to achive. E.g. take LinkListCollectionRenderer, implemented by, decompile, use new namespace, implement your needs, deploy and create a LayoutSet using this modified Renderer.

Hope it helps


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Hi Detlev,

Many thanks for that, I've now found the User Interface section and had a play around with it.

Waht I want to acheive is pretty similar to what is in the LinkListExplorer, however I would like to do the following:

- remove the 'edit' link from the bottom of the list

- Currently the iview contains 4 columns. The links are squeezed into the first column and tend to wrap themselves round. I'd like to remoce the other column's so they fir in the iView.

If I've understaood this correctly I assuming I will need to implement my own collection renderer to make this happen?

Thanks again,


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Figured this out now.


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