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Creating composite roles in SAP Portal

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I need to create composite roles in SAP Portal.

This composite role consists of three single roles which might be assigned to limited users.

How do you create a composite role in SAP Portal and how does the assignment of the single roles to this composite role works?



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As per my understanding ,You can create a three role lets role1 ,role2 ,role3 and you can add all the three roles to the roleA.So if you assign the Role A to a user all the contents of role1,role2 and role3 will be visible to the user.


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Thanks Naga

But how can you assign these roles (role 1 to role 3) to role A?


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Hi Thomas,

To assign roles 1 to 3 to roleA open role A in pcd and add the role1 to 3 to role A.

This is the way how you assign role in a role.


Bharat Mistry.