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Creating an iview for FPM based webdynpro components.

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I have developed a self service app based on FPM. The Configuration controller is the local component and not the generic Cc.

The application runs fine when accessed from the browser.

But, when i try to create a webdynpro iview in portal by selecting webdynpro iview template.. the project name is available with the application. But below the application folder, there are no applications available. It is empty. (the app is properly deployed and available when accessed via direct url)

In this application , the start up plug is passed on to the FPM component , rather than the local component.. which is the procedure for developing FPM applications..

My guess is since.. the there is no link to local WD components here.. the iview wizard is not listing the component/views.

How do we fix this ? Do we need Self Service admin for creating iviews in case of FPM based Web dynpro apps.

As a matter of fact, i tried using self service administrator to create the iview. I get an error in the first screen .." String Index out of range -4".

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks and regards


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Please do let know, whether your problem is solved or not?

I am able to make the FPM application and attached some custom and some standard FPM iView to it.

and also defined the Webdynpro application parameter, here my ConfigurationComponentName point to custom CC Component not the generic one, and configurationComponentDc to my custom DC.

But when I am looking for creating the Webdynpro iView, I am unable to get my FPM View there to selected. My application is containing no View

Please help



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I got my applications working however I was never able to create a Web Dynpro DC such as the ones shipped in ESS or MSS, which have application views. Creating a Web Dynpro iView for the application variant works just fine. Following the chapter "Enabling Multiple iViews from an Application" of the NetWeaver 7.0 documentation didn't solve the issue for me.


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Hi Bharathwaj.

Did you solve this issue? The string index out of range problem can be solved by setting Use_CustomerExit_ParameterProvider to true for the AppIntegrator service, the procedure is described in the latest version of the Self-Service Administrator documentation.

What about the other issue? Were you able to make the application views visible for the Web Dynpro component so that iViews can be created for them? I have setup FPM Applications and FPM Views but I fail to see how to establish the link between the iView, Web Dynpro component and the FPM Application.

I even attempted to make the Web Dynpro application use Multiple iViews as documented in the SAP Help Portal, that didn't do it.

Thanks for any tips,