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Creating an infosource for.....

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Hi Guys,

Can someone please give me detailed step-by-step instructions for creating an infosource for transaction data? [Including how to maintain and activate transfe rules]This is for a CSv. load.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1.create infoobject catalogs and create infoobjects if u want to custom build or u can just use std objetcs.

2.then create application component and create infosource.

2a. when u right click on ur appln comp and say create infosource check on the flexible update radio button.

3.maintain the exact order of ur csv file in transfer structure tab.

4.goto ur transfer rules tab and propose transfer rules.

5. activate ur infosource.

6. create an infocube, when assigning chars and keyfigures u can press the infosource icon on that page and refer to this infosource and then assign dimensions and activate ur cube.

7.create update rules for ur cube with this infosource.

8. schedule an infopackage, u can select ur csv file from the external data tab.

9. and load data to ur cube.

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