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Creating a selection criteria

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How do I create a selection criteria that allows the user to look at the values in one field in a table, highlight the value then look at the date related to that value.

I need to look at all the customer id's in the customer table, select one customer, then select an invoice from another table based on the customer selected.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Allen

In order to select an invoice from another table based on the customer selected, you will have to create a static parameter with multiple values.

To create a parameter follow the below given steps:

- Right click on Parameter fields and select New.

- Give the name to the parameter and select the Type to be "Number".

- In the List of Values select "Static" option.

- In Value field select " Customer ID". Description field is optional.

- After selecting the Customer ID, click on the drop down which is next to the Actions and select "Append all database values". You can also insert the values manually.

- In the value Options for the "Allow multiple values" option modify the settings to "true".

- Click on "OK".

-In the select expert, select the Customer ID and make it equal to the parameter which in listed in the other drop down menu.

After creating the static parameter and using it in the select expert, whenever you refresh the report it will ask for the Customer ID and will display the invoice # based on the customer selected.


Poonam Thorat

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