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Creating a Restriction Profile in F&R to create one OP per Container

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Hi all,

Thank you in advance for any responses and apologies if I come across "green".

I have been working in the Central Replen Systems team in my company for about a year now, and I am tasked with onboarding the suppliers which have more specific stipulations for loading orders. We use SAP Netweaver with PRX for master data and PFZ F&R for demand based replenishment.

The supplier I am working on now would like Orders/ Order Proposals to raise to container volume. This is not an issue, however the supplier would also like each container load to be on a separate Purchase Order. This means I require the system to raise orders in this manner also.

I did not want to give specifics on this here yet as I am not 100% with data protection regarding my company. I was hoping there may be some generic knowledge around using "restriction profiles" in a manner which could aid me with the above scenario.

Thanks again 🙂


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Hi Antonio

have a look at the restriction profile in SAP F&R

When you use TLO (Transport Load optimization) you can define that order proposals are split by Transportation Unit


Best regards


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Dear Sylvia,

I have a similar requirement of making 1 container per OP which is basically 1000 CS.

I have assigned restriction of 1000 CS with TLO (Requirement Quantity Optimization Profile) enabled in restriction profile but I am not getting the TU's assigned/split to order proposal.

OP was created for 1500 CS without any TU assignment. So basically here I would like to order one 1000 CS OP and another OP quantity should be increased from 500 CS to 1000 CS.

Here if I will increase the optimization horizon then would it be possible to increase OP from 500 to 1000 CS?

Many Thanks,