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creating a message in solution manager through bapi_notification_create

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hi to all

i have a bapi called bapi_notification_create through this bapi i have to create message ,in bapi i have structures entries i don't know what are the possible values to give for these structures fields so that i should create a message.

pls provide values for these fields in those structures thankful to u ,it's very urgent.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Experts,

I tried using the BAPI_NOTIFICATION_CREATE, but do not know how / where I have to insert data category (Category field of NOTIF_CREATE transaction).

I have read that is inserted into the structure NOTIF_CRM, but I do not know the origin of the data.

Can anyone help me please? Thanks.

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BAPI_NOTIFICATION_CREATE this is a standard BAPI to create a Support Desk Message in Solution Manager . The following are the input parameters that i have passed and it works fine,so you can also try the same taking it as a example but few parameters varies depending on the Solution Manager settings,please check it out according to your requirements.

Note: The parameters that i have not mentioned can be left blank


TYPE_NOTIF - SLFN ( this is the transaction type used for Support desk message in SOLMAN ,it may be SLF1 ,SLFN..but by default this BAPI takes the transaction type to be SLFN,so even if you dont pass any valus into this parameter ,this will be assiged a default value )

SUBJECT : Please create BP number (This is the short Description of the message that appears in the Description TAB of the SOLMAN screen on the TOP below Message NO)

PRIORITY : 3 (Prority that is assigned to the message in most of the cases priority ranges from1 - 4 )



The parameters in this are related to the Category ,so if catecatory is made use of in creation of message then this NOTIF_CRM is used or else it can be left blank.



PARNR : 34 ( Business Partner Number of the person who is raising the Support Desk Message i.e,Initiator )

TYPE_PAR : BP (Partner type , Check it from SOLMAN functional settings)

FUNC_PAR : RP ( Function type ,Check it from SOLMAN functional settings)



INSTN :002019888 (Installation Number of SOLMAN ,SYSTEM DATA )

COMP:BC ( SAP-Component ,this will take the messages to a support team,there are many SAP-components based on the message it varies )

OSSYS: LINUX (OS of the system SOLMAN,system data )

DBSYS : ORACLE9. (DB of the System SOLMAN ,system data )

SWCOMP: SAP_BASIS (Software component of SOLMAN,system data )

SWREL : 620 ( Sofware release of Solman ,system data )

SWPTCH: 0055 (Support PAckage level of SOLMAN ,system data)

SYSTYPE : T (Type of Sytem ,T -Test system ,D - Development ,P- Production)

SYSID:SMR ( System ID of SOLMAN ,system Data)

MANDT:Client ( Client Of SOLMAN ,System Data )


TXT_NUM : 0001




TXT_NUM :0001


TDLINE: Please create the BP for the following members (This contains the content of the mesage,if there are more than 132 characters pass it to TDLINE by appending 1 more row of TDLINE in BAPI)

The other Tables except return are used in case of attachments , so if you are in need of that also let me know,i would send you those details also.

Feel free to revert back for any clarifications.



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That was awesome Priya!!! I used the above TEXT line parameters and it worked!!! I would certainly be glad to hear from you about the attachment values, I am still struggling there. Thanks