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Creating a formula for the Header to evaluate each record in Detail

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I want to create a formula that notifies the user in the Header if there is a certain value in the report detail. I was able to create the formula but it only gave me the correct message when the 1st record in the detail had the value. Is there a way for it to read ALL records and if any of them have the value, to display the message?


Formula in Header: if ({@Total}>1) then "ERROR"

There are about 500 {@Total} fields in the detail and my formula only looks at the 1st one in the list.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shannyn,

There is this in-built faility provided by Crystal Reports called as 'Alerts'.

This will help you meet your requirment.

For more information on functionality / Creation of Alerts, please go to Crystal Reports Help and search for 'Alert'. You will find it very helpful.

Hope this helps.



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